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Bay Babies in Need: A Girl Scout Gold Award Project

February 7, 2014

This video was created by Girl Scout Siena as part of her Gold Award project titled Bay Babies in Need: Understanding Poverty in Anne Arundel County.

The goal of her project was to supply emergency items to families with newborn babies through Food Link’s Emergency Baby Pantry program while increasing awareness on poverty in Anne Arundel County.

“Through this video, I hope to change the face of poverty so that we may be more tolerant of others in need. My goal is to have 30 Bay Babies In Need kits that will be filled by communities, churches, Girl Scout troops, and volunteers willing to help, and donate them to Food Link’s Emergency Baby Pantry.”

Way to go Siena! Your passion for helping and advocating for those in need has already made a difference in your community and we look forward to see the big things that you accomplish in your future!

Thanks, Lois!

January 23, 2014

Thanks, Lois!

On the evening of Tuesday, January 14, 2014, SU 665 celebrated a great leader. Lois Roberts received her 40 year GS pin, presented by GSCM’s Patricia A. Dash, Chief Development Officer, and Bonnie Cooney, Service Unit Manager. In the photo, Lois is wearing a shirt that reads, “Behind every Girl Scout is a GREAT leader!” So true!

Thank you, Lois, for 40 years of dedication to our organization!

Girl Scout Alumna Goes the Distance to Help Save Lives

December 13, 2013

fall retreatWe all know that in Girl Scouts, ordinary girls do extraordinary things. But what happens when they are all grown up? When there are no more troop meetings, no more investiture ceremonies, and no more cookie sales – what is a Girl Scout to do? The answer is quite simple really; they use the skills and lessons they learned and they continue to change the world in even bigger ways.

20-year-old Keirstin, Girl Scout Alumna and current nursing student at Stevenson University is living proof of this as she is about to embark on the journey of a lifetime to help those in need. Keirstin will be participating in a summer internship working in Tanzania, Africa at a Government Regional Hospital in a pediatric ward.

Keirstin attributes much of her success in school and in nursing to her experience as a Girl Scout. “My connection to Girl Scouts starts with me being a Brownie in first grade,” said Keirstin. Once she began Girl Scouts, Keirstin loved it; she continued Girl Scouting throughout her childhood and later went on to receive her Girl Scout Gold Award.

Throughout her time as a Girl Scout Keirstin learned many things that she continues to apply in her life today. “The lessons I have learned from being a Girl Scout are invaluable…Girl Scouts has taught me how to be a responsible leader, how to manage time, how to adapt to my environment, how to set goals and reach them, and how to help those in need.”

The goal setting that was instilled in Keristen while completing her Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards, has taught her to dream big, and she has done just that. A goal that she has set for herself is to become a pediatric nurse practitioner and eventually open a clinic for underprivileged children so they can acquire the proper healthcare that they need. “In order to achieve this goal I want to learn as much as possible, and I recently found a way to do so,” Keirstin said.

This is where her summer internship comes in. During the internship Keirstin will have the opportunity to apply all of the skills that she learned from Girl Scouts and will gain the advanced experience she needs to reach her goals.

The internship, which has been coordinated through an organization called Work the World, involves traveling to Tanzania, Africa for five weeks at the end of May. “A summer spent on a project like this can be invaluable. Few other environments can top this in developing critical nursing skills, leadership skills, and learning about the culture, while having the wonderful opportunity of helping the less fortunate,” said Keirstin.

In addition to working in a hospital, Keirstin will be participating in the village health care experience which will give her the opportunity to live with a family of the Maasai tribe for the last week of the internship. “I am going to, fully submerse myself  in that culture and in my free time during this internship I will have the opportunity to learn Swahili.”

Wow, what an exciting experience! We wish you the best of luck in your travels and in your work Keirstin! We know that you will achieve all of your goals and we can’t wait to catch up with you when you return!

Follow Keirstin’s journey at

7 Reasons We Love Mary Barra – The Next CEO of General Motors

December 12, 2013

General Motors has picked a woman as its next CEO, naming product development chief Mary Barra as the first female head of a major U.S. car company.

- AP

Mary Barra’s promotion will help shatter pernicious auto-industry stereotypes about gender while putting the company in the hands of someone who cares deeply about cars.

- The Atlantic


Thanks to Girl Scout of Citrus for this image!

1. She is the first female CEO in the automotive industry
This is such an amazing step for women in the workforce and especially for women in STEM with C-suite aspirations. As stated by Girl Scout of Citrus “the glass ceiling just got a little thinner!”

2. She began at General Motors when she was 18 as a student co-op
Barra studied electrical engineering at General Motors Institute (now Kettering University) and sought out the co-op to help pay her tuition. She went on to receive her Bachelors of Science, at Kettering University and Masters of Business Administration at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

3. She keeps an Albert Einstein bobble-head on her desk
This is a fun one. According to a BusinessWeek article, Barra won the bobble-head in a competition with coworkers at GM.

4. She is a CEO and is also married with two children
We often hear that to be a career woman you will have to choose between your family or your career; Barra shows that is is possible to have and be successful in both!

5. She was listed as #35 in the The Forbes list of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women
After being named number 41 in 2012, Barra moved up in rank this past May. The list is comprised of  “women that go beyond the traditional taxonomy of the power elite. These change-agents are actually shifting our very idea of clout and authority and, in the process, transforming the world in fresh and exhilarating ways.” –

6. She likes motivating young girls to go into math and science
This past april, Barra visited an elementary school in Detroit where third-graders were working on a science project demonstrating wind power. While there, Barra gave a talk about the importance of studying and then joined in on the fun of paper sailboats powered by electric fans.

7. She’s not afraid to challenge tradition
This is evident from the fact that she decided to go into the car world – a man’s world – as a woman, but on a sillier note, according to an article from The Daily Beast, earlier in her career, Barra was in Human Resources for GM. While in this position she made the decision to allow employees to wear jeans to work. A seemingly small decision that raised a few eyebrows (and a lot of complaints) at this traditional workplace. Still, Barra stood by her decision and said that she trusted the employees to dress appropriately.

Congratulations and thanks to you, Mary Barra for paving the way for women in your field, and in others. We wish you the best of luck in your position!

Keep up with Mary Barra on Twitter!

5 Customer Service Tips for Booth Sales

November 27, 2013

9549292839_6ef40b87c1Cookie booths are an awesome way to practice the skills that you have been learning through out the Cookie Program. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you are making your sales!

  1. Greet customers with a smile! Pull your customers in with a great display and a big smile that says “I’m here to help!” This sets the stage for a pleasant interaction between you and your customers!
  2. Let them know what they are getting! With the switch to the new bakery, some customers may be confused about the new names of the cookies. Let them know that there is a new bakery and maybe even let them taste the cookies so that they know they are still getting the delicious Girl Scout cookies that they love!
  3. Say thank you! This is a simple but important step in business. Let your customers know that you appreciate them and that they are helping you achieve your goals.
  4. Ask for feed back! Customers love to be asked about their experiences. This will give them the opportunity to express themselves and will also give you the opportunity to grow and develop stronger business and people skills!
  5. Utilize the element of surprise! Consider handing out thank you notes or recipe cards with your cookies. Some people may not realize the extent of your business skills; let them know that you care about their business and are serious about cookie sales. Customers will be pleasantly surprised when they see that you have gone the extra mile.

Do you have any other tips to share with your fellow Girl Scouts? Leave them in the comments!

10 Ways to be a Better Cookie Customer

November 25, 2013

Troop 1889 at their cookie booth!

So you want to buy some Girl Scout Cookies. Seems pretty simple right? You see a booth, buy some cookies and move on through out the rest of your day. Did you know that there are things that you as a customer can do to help the Girl Scouts that are selling you the cookies? Here’s a list of things that you can do to become a top notch cookie customer!

  1. Say Hello! Get things off on the right foot with a simple smile and a “hello.” Besides being the best conversation starter ever, this will help build the girls’ confidence in making the sale.
  2. Look her in the eye! The girls behind the booth are learning how to interact and build trust with customers; look them in the eye to say “hey, we see each other, we respect each other – and we’re ready to do business.”
  3. Let her know if you’re a Girl Scout! Girl Scouts are everywhere! Let them know that you were a Girl Scout and how it helped you to become who you are today.
  4. Don’t call them cute! They know they’re cute but selling cookies is serious business and these girls want to be taken seriously. They are running the largest girl-led business in the world. That’s not cute. That’s incredible.
  5. Ask about inventory! They have something for everyone – and since this year they have a new bakery, they are armed with the knowledge to answer all of your cookie questions!
  6. Ask where the money goes! What many people may not know is that the girls decide where the money goes. Some troops use it to go on an adventure, some use it to donate to a charity, and others use it to do a service project. But whatever the case, the choice lies with the girls!
  7. Talk Money! Running a booth is about more than making change. These girls set up and track a budget and learn about all of the good that can be done with their cookie money.
  8. Ask why they are Girl Scouts! In Girl Scouts, girls learn many things and encounter opportunities not available through any other organizations. Every girl has a story and every Girl Scout knows that she can do anything.
  9. Check out the new packages! This year there are three cookies that come in more eco-friendly packaging! Girl Scouts want to tell you all about the impact that these have on the environment and about how delicious the cookies inside of them are!
  10. Give them feedback! Cookie business is hard work and for many of the girls it’s a whole new world. Giving them feedback helps them grow as Girl Scouts and as leaders.

Well – there you go! You must be ready to buy cookies now! To make sure you get your cookies we have a few options available to make locating a cookie booth simple!

Cell Phone Apps
Cookie Finder (iPhone)
Cookie Finder (Android)

Online Booth Locator

  • This link will take you to the GSUSA cookie booth locator. Finding the list of cookie booths can be confusing at first so we have provided instructional images! Click to enlarge!




Meet Odin!

November 13, 2013

This beautiful bird is Odin! Odin is our Great Horned Owl that lives in the aviary at Caitlin Dunbar Nature Center – email to find out how you can meet Odin in person!


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