Gold Award Project Preserves a Part of Baltimore History

The Edgar Allan Poe House in Baltimore.

There are few figures in literary and Baltimore history that are as recognizable as Edgar Allan Poe, and when Sierra of Troop 2510 found the opportunity to help preserve a part of that history, she jumped on the chance.

“I love history—it’s one of my passions, as is reading and writing. Edgar Allan Poe is an absolute master of his craft and one of the great literary figures that I admire,” she said. During a trip to the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum in Baltimore, Julie noticed that the historical building was in need of repairs and approached the Museum curator about the project.

She helped the museum with wall and ceiling repairs, drywall installation and painting, all while being mindful of building codes and rules surrounding working on historical sites. With her budget of $848.87, Sierra saved the City of Baltimore approximately $30,000 in materials and labor.

She said that being up-close and personal caring for the historical artifacts during her time there gave her a deeper appreciation for the history.

Edgar Allan Poe

“We had just been reading the works of Edgar Allen Poe in school, I had read a lot about his struggles during life and the mystery surrounding his death, too, and of course, he is a big part of Baltimore’s history, so when I was there my interest in him was magnified,” she said. And as for those rumors that the Edgar Allan Poe house is haunted? “No ghost sightings,” she said.

When all was said and done, though, what resounded with Sierra the most was her sense of accomplishment. “I went back after I had fixed the house up and everyone was surprised at what a great job I did,” she said. “That felt really great.”

Sierra will be one of 94 girls receiving her Gold Award this weekend at the Gold Award Banquet. Congratulations to all the girls on this great accomplishment!

Have a Gold Award experience you’d like to tell us? Share your story and photos on the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Facebook page!

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