What’s Your Destination?

Last year, Christi of Girl Scout Troop 203 in Howard County embarked on her first Destination trip to Costa Rica. She loved the experience so much that she is headed Peru on the Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley Destination trip next week.

Christi told us a bit about her trip to Costa Rica last year:

“I was in Costa Rica for 16 days and I got to experience the culture and a lot of things through the trip that a regular tourist wouldn’t. During our stay we went on an eight-day hiking trip through the rain forest, we stayed at indigenous families’ houses, we went waterfall rappelling, we went surfing, zip lining, visited local markets, and we also did a service project where we painted a family’s house for them. We got to be really involved with the people of Costa Rica and see what life is like there and that’s an experience I don’t think you can get many other places.”

Watch the video to hear more from Christi about why you should apply:

For more information about the Destinations program and the Travel Pathway, click here.

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