Empowering Girls to Make Smart Financial Decisions with the Girl Scout Cookie Program

Forbes ran a column this month about the power financial literacy gives to women in their households and their workplaces.

The column states that introducing girls to financial literacy at an early age prepares them for healthy relationships and the gives them the confidence that they can take care of themselves.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program helps girls set financial goals and gain the confidence they need to ultimately take control of their own financial future. The money management skills the program offers teaches girls how to increase their income, become responsible consumers, create a budget, build and manage credit, and save and invest for the future.

In the column, Claire Mysko, author of You’re Amazing! A No-Pressure Guide to Being Your Best Self, is quoted:

Financial literacy training instills girls with the knowledge and the confidence they’ll need to be economically independent. They’ll be less likely to feel trapped in unhealthy relationships because they have no means to support themselves. Girls who are financially literate are also better able to identify economic injustices in the world around them. A greater understanding of pay inequities, poverty, and economic abuse means that girls will be more prepared to fight for equality and justice for all girls and women.

How has the Girl Scout Cookie Program or other financial literacy programs influenced your money management skills and knowledge?

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