Two Gold Award Winners Featured in ‘View From the Cupola’

Two Girl Scout Gold Award Winners were featured in View from the Cupola, a magazine published for the Mount de Sales community.

The first Girl Scout featured is Molly, who collected First Communion dresses to distribute to girls in Belize. Molly started with the goal of collecting 20 dresses, but has gotten an overwhelming response and received 75 dresses, as well as four boys’ suits, 14 veils and six pairs of white shoes, 20 pairs of socks, and a multitude of rosary sets, holy cards, and medals.

The second Girl Scout featured is Ally, who held a Service Fair at Mount de Sales to connect her fellow classmates to the multitude of service opportunities in their community. More than 30 local organizations participated and students were paired with organizations to start long-term volunteer relationships.

Click here to download a copy of the magazine–the story is featured on page six.

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