Camp Woodlands Teepee Restoration Featured in the Baltimore Sun

GSCM’s campaign to repair and restore the Camp Woodlands teepee, Lamb Lodge, was recently featured in the Baltimore Sun. In the early 1950’s, the teepee at Girl Scouts’ Camp Woodlands was conceived and built by a team of volunteers that included the Anne Arundel County Girl Scouts Council, the Naval Academy Math Department, and numerous Girl Scouts and their families. The Lodge’s conical, circular design, which was inspired by the Girl Scout custom of gathering in a circle for grace before meals, and taps in the evening, won a national architectural award in 1954 according to the article.

“It’s an architectural wonder. It was green before green was cool. It speaks to the culture of Girl Scouting: to respect your surroundings. It says to girls, ‘You can think outside the box,'” GSCM CEO Traci Barnett told the Sun.

Click here to read the article and click here to learn more about Lamb Lodge and how you can support the restoration efforts.

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