GSCM Troop uses Facebook to Collect 100 Girl Scout Memories

A century of Girl Scouting is a big deal– 100 years, 3.2 million members and 60 million alumni is a lot to comprehend. To get a taste for just how big a milestone the anniversary actually is, Girl Scout Brownie Troop 4149 of Arnold, Md. is working to collect 100 Girl Scout memories from Girl Scout members and alumni of all ages.

“We wanted to give the girls an understanding of what 100 years means and also the significance of how much Girl Scouts has grown,” Troop Leader Tara Carew said. “It’s a good way to express the size,  scope and the duration of the program.”

She added that the project is a part of more activities the troop has planned to celebrate the 100th Anniversary ahead of attending the Rock the Mall event this summer.

The girls have worked to collect memories by approaching family members and asking them about their experience with scouting. The Troop has also set up a Facebook group to collect memories from Girl Scout alumni and members throughout the Council and beyond.

“This project has shown how large of an organization Girl Scouts really is,” Nicole White, a Girl Scout parent who helped set up the Facebook page, said. “What I really like about all the memories, is they give the girls so much to look forward to. They get to hear about the things they’ll get to do as Girl Scouts in the future.”

Carew said that friendship and loyalty seem to be two major themes in all of the memories. Also: camping. “People seem to have some really amazing camping memories, whether it’s they were cooking something funny. Those seem to be the memories, that really resonate with people,” Carew said.

Girl Scout Brownie, Lucy shared her favorite memory: “The memory that was the coolest to me was when someone went on a camping trip and left the tent door open and the tent flooded.” Girl Scouts Lucy and Morgan agreed their favorite personal Girl Scout memory so far was attending a father-daughter dance with their dads.

The Troop is working to gather 100 memories before their 100th anniversary troop meeting on March 19. You can help them by requesting to join their Facebook group and sharing your Girl Scout memories there.

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