Sweet Success: the Story of Girl Scout Erin, a Cookie Superstar

Girl Scout Erin, the top Girl Scout Cookie seller in Carroll County for 2011-2012, has been selling Girl Scout Cookies for four years. Erin set out with an initial goal to sell 500 boxes during the pre-order phase of the sale. She more than doubled that number by the end of the sale by selling cookies at her community bowling alley, held 15 booth sales and went door-to-door selling cookies from a wagon in her neighborhood.

Erin said she drew inspiration from her mom, who encouraged her to reach her goals. She also reached out to her network of family and friends who turned out to be some of her biggest customers. Erin said the key to her sale was just asking people to buy cookies. “People love Girl Scout Cookies, and if you don’t ask them to buy, they won’t buy.”

With the proceeds from the sale, Erin’s troop was able to give back by send 100 boxes to active military overseas and adopting a family for Christmas. Erin also gained a new friend from the cookie sale—she met Girl Scout Morgan from a different county during the 1,000 Plus Club celebration. They have been friends ever since and even went to Girl Scouts Rock the Mall in Washington DC together this summer.

Erin gave some advice for Girl Scouts trying to reach their goals: “Just say and think you can reach your goal.” Erin said she’s planning on joining the 1,000 Plus Club for this year’s cookie sale. Will you join her?

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