Claiming the Crown: the Story of Girl Scout Hope, a Cookie Superstar

Girl Scout Hope, who is a three year veteran of the Girl Scout Cookie program, sold an astonishing 2,120 boxes last cookie season.

Hope said she saw the crown one of the girls received the year before for being the top seller in her area. She decided then that the next cookie crown would be hers and she set her goal to be in the 1,000 Plus Club.

Hope’s troop had a goal of selling 4,000 cookies. They combined forces, especially in the last week of the sale, to find new customers, in addition to their regulars. Hope’s mother helped her to stay on track and keep focused. She said next year, she’d like to see all of her troop members join the 1,000 Plus Club and plans to motivate them to get there.

“Hard work pays off” is the lesson Hope said she took away from last year’s cookie sale, and she plans to work hard again this year: she’s aiming to exceed last year’s cookie sale.

So, will you be joining Hope in the 2012-2013 1,000 Plus Club?

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  1. Jasmine Evans 1720
    My troop has 5 girls .3 want to get 2000, 2 want 1000,and i’m one of the ones that want to sell 2000

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