STEM Week Day 3: Teaching tween girls to put science and engineering to work in their everyday lives


As we discussed on Monday – this weekend we have a VERY exciting program coming up called Invent it. Build it. At the event girls will meet with real engineers and will have the opportunity to interact with women from different organizations that support the movement of providing STEM activities to girls. One of the women that will be in attendance is Rita Karl. Ms. Karl, who is National Productions’ Director of STEM Outreach and Education at Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) and has over 25 years of experience in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education leadership.

At TPT, Ms. Karl has worked to expand SciGirls, which is a show for kids that aims to engages girls in STEM learning and careers.  Its television show which airs on PBS Kids and its destination website, outreach initiatives and professional development have proven successful:  SciGirls has reached over 14 million girls, educators, and families, making it the most widely accessed girls’ STEM program available nationally.

SciGirls is geared towards kids ages 8-12 and features curious tween girls who put science and engineering to work in their everyday lives; unlike most children’s TV shows, SciGirls integrates the companion Web site into the show for an interactive experience.

Each episode follows a different group of middle school girls, whose eagerness to find answers to their questions will inspire your children to explore the world around them and discover that science and technology are everywhere! The episodes begin with Izzie facing a challenge. Viewers follow her as she goes onto the Web site where she selects one of the archived projects that will help her conquer her challenge. She launches the project video and follows the SciGirls live-action story, learning as she watches. Viewers are invited to upload their own science projects, making the SciGirls Web site a destination for any girl who is interested in science.

The goal of SciGirls is nothing less than changing how millions of girls think about science, technology, engineering and math! Every girl can be a SciGirl!

Watch below to see a preview of SciGirls Season 2 – Also don’t miss out on the Invent it. Build it. experience this Saturday!

SciGirls_eNews_header 3

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