10 Ways to be a Better Cookie Customer


Troop 1889 at their cookie booth!

So you want to buy some Girl Scout Cookies. Seems pretty simple right? You see a booth, buy some cookies and move on through out the rest of your day. Did you know that there are things that you as a customer can do to help the Girl Scouts that are selling you the cookies? Here’s a list of things that you can do to become a top notch cookie customer!

  1. Say Hello! Get things off on the right foot with a simple smile and a “hello.” Besides being the best conversation starter ever, this will help build the girls’ confidence in making the sale.
  2. Look her in the eye! The girls behind the booth are learning how to interact and build trust with customers; look them in the eye to say “hey, we see each other, we respect each other – and we’re ready to do business.”
  3. Let her know if you’re a Girl Scout! Girl Scouts are everywhere! Let them know that you were a Girl Scout and how it helped you to become who you are today.
  4. Don’t call them cute! They know they’re cute but selling cookies is serious business and these girls want to be taken seriously. They are running the largest girl-led business in the world. That’s not cute. That’s incredible.
  5. Ask about inventory! They have something for everyone – and since this year they have a new bakery, they are armed with the knowledge to answer all of your cookie questions!
  6. Ask where the money goes! What many people may not know is that the girls decide where the money goes. Some troops use it to go on an adventure, some use it to donate to a charity, and others use it to do a service project. But whatever the case, the choice lies with the girls!
  7. Talk Money! Running a booth is about more than making change. These girls set up and track a budget and learn about all of the good that can be done with their cookie money.
  8. Ask why they are Girl Scouts! In Girl Scouts, girls learn many things and encounter opportunities not available through any other organizations. Every girl has a story and every Girl Scout knows that she can do anything.
  9. Check out the new packages! This year there are three cookies that come in more eco-friendly packaging! Girl Scouts want to tell you all about the impact that these have on the environment and about how delicious the cookies inside of them are!
  10. Give them feedback! Cookie business is hard work and for many of the girls it’s a whole new world. Giving them feedback helps them grow as Girl Scouts and as leaders.

Well – there you go! You must be ready to buy cookies now! To make sure you get your cookies we have a few options available to make locating a cookie booth simple!

Cell Phone Apps
Cookie Finder (iPhone)
Cookie Finder (Android)

Online Booth Locator

  • This link will take you to the GSUSA cookie booth locator. Finding the list of cookie booths can be confusing at first so we have provided instructional images! Click to enlarge!




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