Be A Friend First: Brooklyn’s Story


Brooklyn is a fourth grader from Baltimore City who participated in the Girl Scout BFF (Be a Friend First) program in her elementary school.

Like many girls her age, Brooklyn has been bullied by her peers but she could never understand why it happened. Through BFF, Brooklyn was able to engage in the conversation about bullying with other girls her age. Over six weeks the girls practiced and developed skills for dealing with bullies in their school.

Since Brooklyn’s participation in the program, her mother firmly avows that it “has helped Brooklyn understand the why and the how of bullying,” and has given her the courage, confidence and character to stand up to bullies.

Recently, Brooklyn witnessed an incident in the hallway at school where a school mate was being picked on by peers. Because of her participation in GSCM’s BFF program, Brooklyn had the self-confidence to walk over to the bullies and stop them in the act. Afterward, Brooklyn reached out the girl who was being bullied and befriended her.

Way to be a friend first, Brooklyn! You rock and are a perfect example of what being a Girl Scout is all about!

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