Women’s History Month: Marie Curie

MarieCurie-01Not only did Marie Curie make great strides for women in the science world, but she made very important discoveries that affected all of man kind. Some of her achievements include:

  • Discovering the new elements polonium and radium.
  • Receiving a Nobel Prize for Physics in 1903 for isolating radium. She was the first female winner of the prize!
  • Being head of the physics laboratory in Sorbonne.
  • Earning a doctorate in science and a professorship at the Faculty of Sciences (She was the first woman to do this too!)
  • Receiving a second Nobel Prize, this time for for Chemistry. Making her the only person to date to have been recognized for her achievements in more than one field of science.

With her perseverence and work ethic, it is no wonder that Marie Curie was able to make such a difference in our world!

What other women in STEM would you like to see featured on GSCM’s blog? Let us know at mkovalcik@gscm.org!

Check out Biography.com for more information about Marie Curie!

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