Meet Girl Scout Morgan!

By: Jennifer Moumane, GSCM Staff

Morgan is a Junior Girl Scout preparing to bridge to Cadettes; she joined Girl Scouts this school-year. When asked why she wasn’t a Girl Scout sooner, Morgan said that she felt that she was involved in too many other activities like soccer, gymnastics, dance, school-chorus and the school play. She didn’t think she had time for Girl Scouts too but her Girl Scout friends kept asking her to be a part of their troop.

Knowing that Morgan was a busy girl, her soon-to-be Troop Leader told her, “just join and participate as you are able–you are not required to do every activity–after all, this is girl-led.” So Morgan figured she would give it a try.

At the end of her first year in Girl Scouts, she has quite a list of favorite Girl Scout activities including: the mall lock-in and, despite the freezing temperatures, selling cookies at booth sales. Caramel Delights are Morgan’s favorites!

Morgan’s favorite Girl Scout moment from the year was when she and her troop were practicing for a Service Unit talent show. The girls worked, laughed and danced together attempting to portray synchronized swimming, not in a pool, but on a stage with a few hidden Moms in the background holding up a tarp to represent water.

I asked Morgan, “Now that you are a Girl Scout still participating in school activities and in sports, do you believe that Girl Scouting has changed you in anyway?” Morgan replied, “Yes, I have learned so much in such a short amount of time going to the different activities in different parts of our state, and so much about so many new people I have met.”

Next I asked “Is there something new you would like to do…or something new you would like to try since joining Girl Scouts?”  Morgan replied enthusiastically, “Yes. I want to try to volunteer more.”

With her new found passion for volunteering, Morgan applied for a summer volunteer position at her local library and she has been accepted.  Normally, girls her age are not accepted into volunteer positions but she was. The librarian who accepted Morgan’s volunteer application had visited her school for a presentation on summer reading programs that Morgan had also attended and participated. When the librarian saw Morgan come into the library to submit her application she exclaimed,  “I remember you!  You are the first one to turn in a summer volunteer application!”

Way to go Morgan! We wish you the best of luck in your volunteer position and look forward to see all of the wonderful things you do with the rest of your years in Girl Scouts!

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