Guest Blog: Girl Scout Rebekah Reflects on Her Experience as A Distinguished Women’s Shadow Girl

Shadowing Mrs. Joyce Ulrich for the day was an experience I will never forget and one I would not have had if it was not for the Distinguished Women’s Shadow Girl program. Through shadowing Mrs. Joyce I acquired life lessons, such as leadership and hard work. At the Distinguished Women’s Award Reception I was able to share my wonderful experience with those who attended. It was very interesting to hear about the experiences of the other four shadow girls and the five Distinguished Women. Each speech was different, but they all had a central theme of how Girl Scouts is paving the way for the bright future of girls. This is entirely true and it was evident of how many people believed this message by the hundreds of people who attended the reception. Through the Distinguished Women’s Shadow Girl program I was able to meet Joyce Ulrich, Chief Information Officer Managing Director of Legg Mason, an incredibly inspiring woman who I will continue to keep in touch with. I encourage anyone who has the chance to apply to this program to do so, because it will be a once in a life time opportunity you will cherish forever.

For more information about the Distinguished Women’s click here or contact Berit Killingstad at

We have two more days of Shadow Girl reflections–check back tomorrow and Friday to hear from Girl Scouts Katherine and Sarah!

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