Troop 2094 Learns the Power of Community


Delegate Cathy Vitale sits with the girls from troop 2092 and begins her discussion on community leadership and involvement, asking a who knows their State Representatives.

Girl Scout Troop 2094 from Severna Park Middle School are working on their Junior Agent of Change Journey. So far, they have received their The Power of One Award and The Power of Team Award and are working on earning The Power of Community Award. Their troop leaders, Annie and Kristi explained that a theme of this journey is the strong women so they invited State Delegate Cathy Vitale (R) District 33 to speak to the troop about the importance of stepping up and showing your commitment to the community.

A captivated audience of fifth graders listened as Delegate Vitale explained that when she was a Girl Scout, she learned to admire those that shared her values. She referenced Former Congresswoman Marjorie Holt and how–at the time–she was the only female Congresswoman from Anne Arundel County, and one of a few female Congresswomen in the House.  “Congresswoman Holt was a great mentor to me, she was a lawyer and a great public servant,” Vitale said. She also explained to them it is never too early to get involved in your community, even at the state level.  “Don’t wait because then it’s too late, speak up now and be heard.”

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