STEM Month: Episode 6

The exclosures you saw in the video were constructed to see what impact white-tailed deer have on the environment. While many of you have probably seen white-tailed deer in your backyards or out at one of our camps, did you know that they are the smallest members of the North American deer family and are found from southern Canada to South America? Here are some other fun facts about white-tailed deer from

  • During the summer white-tailed deer can be found in fields and meadows using forests for shade.
  • During the winter they tend to keep to forests with lots of evergreen trees to shield them from the elements.
  • They are herbivores
  • They are mostly nocturnal or crepuscular; they mainly come out at dawn and dusk.
  • Young deer, called fawns, have a reddish-brown coat with white spots that help them blend in with the forest.

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