A Message from the CEO: Reflections on Anna Maria Chávez’s Visit

untitled (26 of 26)After delivering a moving and inspiring keynote address at the BBJ’s Enterprising Women event, GSUSA CEO Anna Maria Chávez spent the remainder of the day with us at GSCM headquarters.

I think it would be an understatement to say that she truly inspired the staff, members of the board, volunteers and girls who were in attendance that day.  Anna is truly a champion for girls and that comes through loud and clear.  She believes in girls now as young Girl Scouts who are in the Movement finding their voices and then using their voices, talents and skills to truly make their communities better. Just as fervently, she believes that as adults, Girl Scouts can, will and do implement changes that make their communities, states and the world better places.

Currently there are 59 million Girl Scout alumnae in the United States. These women are making $12 thousand more in salaries than non-alum; they have become science and medical researchers, educators, judges, lawyers, senators and state representatives-and they give back to their communities.

“We [Girl Scouts] have been the talent incubator for this country for over 100 years,” she declared.  Women who were Girl Scouts in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s are now heading corporations, serving in local, state and national elected offices-and using the power of the vote to affect change in this country and the world. However, she asked, if businesses, organizations and individuals don’t invest in girls and Girl Scouting-what happens to the pipeline of female talent that has existed for over a century?

“It starts with a girl,” she stated. “It’s going to take everyone leaning in,” she continued, to achieve what we want for girls -to be confident and courageous women of character who right the wrongs and work together to lead the change. Together-girls, women and men have to get to the point that when things happen to girls and women people stand up on their behalf. Together we have to say a girl is worth it-she is worth our time and she is worth our investment.

So today, with the words, enthusiasm and spirit of Anna Maria Chávez fresh in my mind and memory, I am asking each of you to invest in girls and invest in their future as change agents, innovators and leaders. Girls and women have been making this world a better place for over a century. Please consider making an investment in them by making a donation to Girl Scouts of Central Maryland. We provide an environment that is safe, stable and supportive so that each of our girl members can thrive. Your investment ensures that our Council is economically sound and that ensures that each of our girl members will be given the programs and activities that allow her to develop the skills she will need now and in the future to be successful.

Invest in girls. Change the world.

Yours in Girl Scouting,
Violet M. Apple

Check out photos from Anna Maria Chávez’s visit to GSCM:

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