STEM Month: Episode 14


In today’s episode we speak with Chef Matthew Milani, Chef and owner of The Rumor Mill in Ellicott City. Chef Milani incorporates science into his cuisine through a technique called molecular gastronomy. Molecular gastronomy uses chemistry and physics to transform they way we experience food. The act of cooking itself in an inherently scientific process. It involves chemical reactions and physical transformations.

In addition to sharing with us all about why he enjoys being a scientific chef, Chef Matthew also taught us a few cooking techniques and dishes that you can try with your troop, or on your next camping trip. And yes, each of these dishes is delicious!


How to Infuse Salt (like a molecular gastronomist)


How to Make Carrots and Dip (like a molecular gastronomist)


How to Cook Steak (like a molecular gastronomist)


How to Make Dessert (like a molecular gastronomist)

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