Try it at home: The Jeweler Badge

In Episode 11 of STEM with Lisa, you met a gemologist and saw a troop of Girl Scout Juniors participate in the Smyth Jewelers Girl Scout program. But did you know that there’s actually a badge that those girls were working on?

In the Junior It’s Your Planet Badge Activity from the It’s Your Planet-Love It! Journey, girls have the opportunity to earn their Jeweler badge! There are five steps to completing this badge:

1. Get to know the tools of the trade
2. Make jewelry with metal
3. Turn everyday objects into jewelry
4. Create jewelry inspired by another culture
5. Make a sparkling gift

This badge comes in a packet that includes the Jeweler, Gardener, Detective, Camper, and Independence badges. Click here to get the complete requirements at the Girl Scout Shop.>>

Have you earned this badge? Share your creations with us on our Facebook!

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