“It’s important to me that EVERY girl feels successful”

I want every girl and every troop to experience success…

GSCM CEO, Violet M. Apple, believes the annual cookie sale is an essential part of the Girl Scout experience. As girls talk with customers they build self-esteem and courage; by developing troop and individual goals girls learn about money-management, budgeting, and how to work as a team to achieve goals.  When these pieces are all put together, girls learn entrepreneurial and leadership skills they can use for a lifetime.

“It’s important to us, and it’s important to me that EVERY girl feels successful,” Violet said. “Whether she sells 25 boxes of cookies or she sells 1,000 boxes of cookies we want her to feel that success.” There are invaluable lessons she will learn along the way. Volunteers, particularly the Troop Cookie Managers, are the go to people for the cookie sale. In order to provide answers to questions and direct troops the TCM needs to be up to speed on all aspects of the cookie sale.  This is why she believes it is essential for cookie volunteers, specifically the TCM, to get the training needed so that the girls will be successful.

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