Testimony from a Distinguished Women’s Shadow Girl

In the Spring of 2013 Girl Scout Likhitha was chosen as one of five girls who would shadow a Distinguished Women’s Award Honoree. After the initial shadow day and the Distinguished Women’s Award Reception, Likhitha and Michelle keep in touch and share a unique bond. Read below as Likhitha describes this special bond.

photo 1 (1)“I really appreciate my relationship with Michelle Lipkowitz and it really goes to show how wonderful the Distinguished Women’s Shadow Girl program is. A couple months ago, I could have never imagined to have this kind of relationship, but it has become very evident that the paradigm of the program not only allows for, but also encourages an ongoing connection. Since our relationship has surpassed the professional setting in which it commenced, a true friendship has formed, which was completely unexpected for me going into this process. To say the least, I am very excited to see how this unique relationship turns out in years to come.”

To apply for the Distinguished Women’s Shadow Girl Program download the application form here. Send your completed application form, essay, and photo to bkillingstad@gscm.org or mail it to

Berit Killingstad
Girl Scouts of Central Maryland
4806 Seton Drive
Baltimore, MD

Applications must be postmarked or e-mailed no later than January 9, 2015. Interviews will be held January 24, 2015 at GSCM’s Urban Program & STEM Center.

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