You Can’t See it, But We’re Giving Laura a Standing Ovation Right Now

Laura is one AWESOME Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Volunteer.

Her Girl Scout journey began as a girl in Delaware and then took her to Michigan as a Girl Scout camp counselor. Laura loved her job in Michigan so much that years later she took leave from the U.S. Navy to go back and spend more time there as a camp counselor!

Now that she’s all grown up and has daughters of her own, Laura has taken on the role of troop leader for not one, but TWO Girl Scout troops and she didn’t stop there. Laura has even taken on the role of Service Unit Manager.

As a GSCM Volunteer and life long Girl Scout, Laura knows that when given the opportunity, girls change the world. That is why, on top of all that she does for girls in central Maryland, Laura also is a donor who designates her United Way contributions to Girl Scouts of Central Maryland.

According to Laura, “I saw firsthand how far just a little bit of money goes…[just a few dollars are] the difference between having a rusty old bunk in a platform tent where someone could get hurt, to having something safer and thereby making the whole [camping experience more fun].” Those extra few dollars pay for “the small improvements that make all the difference.”

With so many worthwhile charities asking for support through the United Way, Laura annually chooses Girl Scouts of Central Maryland because, “Girl Scouts made me who I am today. Girl Scouts made me a stronger person. It taught me that it is okay to be different.”

If you would like to donate to Girl Scouts of Central Maryland through the United Way, please use the following codes:

Combined City and State Charity Campaigns–8050
Combined Federal Campaign–83032
United Way of Central Maryland–050

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