What Happens When 6,000 Girl Scouts From All Over the Country Get Together?

They change the world!

Right now in Salt Lake City, Utah, Girl Scouts is hosting its 53rd national convention. This exciting event has 6,000 Girl Scouts, alumnae, volunteers, and staff all together in one place in order to invigorate a global movement of girls, women, and men around the theme, “Discover, Connect, Take Action: Girls Change the World.” With pre-convention activities that began on Tuesday, October 14th, the 2014 National Council Session & 53rd Convention convened today!

Representing GSCM at this convention is a group of dedicated staff, volunteers and four GSCM Girl Scouts serving as national delegates. Before they embarked on their journey to Utah, we had a chance to chat with two of these girls about their hopes and expectations for this experience. Read our conversations below!

Grace has been a Girl Scout for 10 years. Locally she helped pass legislation that provided funds to restore Lambs Lodge. She has never been to a convention before:

Q. What is your specific task at the convention
A. As a national delegate, I will be representing the Council and voting on the National Board members, National Board Committee members and three proposals to the GSUSA Constitution.

Q. What excites you most about attending and being a part of the convention?
A. I am most excited to meet other teen Girl Scouts from across the Country, hear Anna Maria Chavez speak, visit the Hall of Experiences and—hopefully see the Mormon Tabernacle and the Great Salt Lake.

Q. Do you have a message or thoughts for the Girl Scouts not attending convention?
A. I am honored and excited to represent you!

Heather has been a Girl Scout for eight years. Locally she has played a key role in the formation of Caitlin’s Outdoor Adventurers. She has never been to a convention before either:

Q. What is your specific task at convention
A. I will gather information and views on each of the three proposals and then place my vote representing our delegation. I will also be in the Girl Scout Leadership Institute learning about issues that affect the world and women today, then formulate a Take Action project to implement in my community

Q. What excites you the most about attending the convention?
A. I want to see the city, meet other Girl Scouts and share my Maryland flag bracelet swaps. I [also] want to share with other Girl Scout Councils the amazing things going on at home in GSCM and get them to take action in their own Councils. I really just can’t wait for the whole trip to come together as a whole.

Q. Do you have a message or thoughts for the Girl Scouts not attending convention?
A. Hopefully hearing about [convention] will lead to them running in the next election to go to the convention and experience it themselves.

Check out our convention gallery below. Click on any image to enlarge.


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