#ThrowbackThursday: How Lorrie Caudle Went From Cookie Boss to Chief Operating Officer

Girl Scouts are all about learning new things and having fun. Selling cookies is about both. Girl Scouts set cookie sales goals individually and work together to set their team goal. They create a plan to reach their goals, what to do with their funds, and develop cooperation and team building skills all along the way!

These skills are important for girls because they need to know how to set and reach goals to succeed in school, on the job, and in life.


Lorrie Caudle, COO of GSCM, in her Girl Scout years

Lorrie Caudle, COO of GSCM can tell you first hand, the importance of learning these skills at a young age. When she was in Girl Scouts as a girl, Lorrie went through the steps of setting personal and team goals for the cookie sale. In 1970, Lorrie set her highest goal ever–130 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. With lots of hard work and perseverance she did it!

“The cookie sale taught me that you can dream big, set a goal, develop a plan and work hard to achieve your dream, which, at the time was going to Camp Shadow Rim in Payson, Arizona for a week of resident camp.” said Lorrie.

Today, as Chief Operating Officer for GSCM, Lorrie uses the skills gained from participation in the cookie sale every day and credits the Girl Scout Cookie Program with giving her the skills she needed to be successful in school as a girl and in her current position.

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