Girl Scouts on the Go: The Baltimore Museum of Industry

logo1Looking for an exciting Girl Scout program in Baltimore? Check out the Baltimore Museum of Industry! They have three all new programs for Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors that you can try.

We asked the BMI a little bit about themselves and these new programs, here’s what we found out:

Tell us about what the Baltimore Museum of Industry is and what you have to offer.
Housed in an 1865 cannery on the Inner Harbor, the Baltimore Museum of Industry is devoted to bringing Maryland’s Industrial heritage to life. Girl Scouts at all levels can enjoy interactive programs at the BMI. Girl Scouts learn about history, science and culture while working toward badge requirements.

Why did you decide you wanted to work with GSCM?
GSCM is such a great organization and we were happy to work with them in order to bring more awareness to the BMI and the Girl Scout programs we have to offer.

Are there staff at the BMI who were Girl Scouts? What was their experience like?
At this time there are no staff who were Girl Scouts, but we do enjoy eating the Girl Scout cookies!

You have 3 different programs to offer girls. How did you come up with them? What else can you tell us about them?
The BMI has offered programs for many years, but we were in need of updating the existing programs to better fit with the current Girl Scout requirements. With recommendations from GSCM, we were able to create three new and exciting Girl Scout programs that better fit with today’s girls.

What would you say that girls will gain from participating in your programs, other than having a great time?
Girls that participate in the BMI’s programs will gain a better understanding of history, science, and the environment through hands-on programs, discussion, and experimentation.

Is there anything girls should know about your programs, the BMI, or anything else before they come to a program with you? How can they get ready for it?
Girls can prepare for a visit to the BMI by going to our website,, and looking at the programs we offer as well as what our museum is about.

What should parents and troop leaders know before their girls attend a BMI program?
Girl Scout programs are scheduled upon reservation by contacting the Public Programs Coordinator at 410-727-4808 ext. 117, or through our online scout request form on our website.

What are the three programs you offer?

  • Working on the Chesapeake — Brownies, Juniors
    Discover Maryland’s greatest natural resource, the Chesapeake Bay. Learn about the effects the Chesapeake Bay has on the Maryland region and how our industries and way of life affect the Bay in turn. Girl Scouts will create their own watershed to demonstrate the effects of run-off. Leads to completion of the GSCM Chesapeake Bay patch.
  • Discovering Electricity (The BMI Badge) — Juniors
    Learn how engineers shape today’s world and the many uses and effects of electricity. Girl Scouts learn about the theory and effects of electricity through building a simple circuit, wiring a house, and testing different types of light bulbs. Leads to completion of the BMI Badge.
  • Patchwork Quilt — Brownies, Juniors
    Girl Scouts learn about the history, styles, and techniques of Maryland quilting and make a group quilt to represent your troop. Leads to completion of GSCM’s Quilting – a MD Heritage patch.

You can find more exciting programs in the Girl Scouts on the Go section of the GS411. Download it here and flip to page 46.

Contact Kelly Rhodes, Events Specialist at 410.358.9711 Ext. 243 or

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