These Super Sellers are off to a Sweet Start this Cookie Season!

supersellers2-01As many of you know, the GSCM Cookie Season is in full swing; trucks full of cookies have hit the streets to deliver all the service unit depot initial orders. Throughout central Maryland girls have sold 91,864 cases (989,521 packages) of Girl Scout cookies! We know that this could not have been accomplished without the support of the girls families and fabulous GSCM volunteers!

We’d like to send a SHOUT OUT to all the girls and troops for the great work accomplished at this initial selling stage of the sale, especially to the following service units who have set the pace by exceeding their initial sale orders this year over last year, they are:

  • SU 603: +46 cases
  • SU 605: +39 cases
  • SU 607: +157 cases
  • SU 608: +19 cases
  • SU 619: +102 cases
  • SU 629: +395 cases
  • SU 633: +327 cases
  • SU 640: +139 cases
  • SU 652: +212 cases
  • SU 659: +68 cases
  • SU 671: +4 cases
  • SU 672: +110 cases
  • SU 678: +109 cases
  • SU 683: +401 cases
  • SU 697: +297 cases

The Council goal is 1,444,300 packages of cookies – we have 454,779 packages to go! Good luck to everyone and we hope to see you on November 3 for Manic Monday! Details here.

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