Troop 10197 Really Knows How to Get Moving!

On a recent visit to Troop 10197, STEM Specialist, Lisa McClure saw the girls in this Junior troop shine as they performed the cheer they made to go along with the “Get Moving” Journey, of the “It’s Your Planet- Love It!” series. The girls were very excited to show the hard work and time they put into writing and choreographing their cheer. The girls incorporated lots of moves and included concepts that they had been exploring through the “Get Moving” program. Take a look at the video to see how a Journey can be expressed through all kinds of creative outlets.

The cheer goes like this:
Get out of your seat
You’ve got to get energized so move your feet!
Use your resources wisely; investigate
And don’t forget to innovate

The girls in Troop 10197 will soon be starting on the Girls Go Techbridge STEM Program, “Make It Green,” where they will learn about sustainability, green design and architecture. To get more information about how to integrate STEM activities into the Journey’s, please email

Great job Junior Troop 10197 and Leader Mrs. Annette Snyder!

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