Meet GSCM’s New Camp Director for Summer Camp

Hello Everyone, I have fantastic news!

Following the Girl Scout National Convention in Utah, GSUSA has picked up Outdoor Programing with a new and exciting momentum across the country. As part of this, GSCM is working on making our outdoor programs THE BEST EVER. With all these great changes coming our way, I will need to be in the office in Baltimore a few days through the summer, which leads me to my BIG announcement. This year we have hired a seasonal camp director for resident camp at Camp Conowingo this summer. She’s someone our campers and staff all met and loved last year–RED!

I know, this is a big change but, I don’t want any of you to worry; I will still be around! Let’s be honest, you couldn’t kick me off camp if you tried! If you have questions, as always, do not hesitate to contact me:

In the meantime, let’s get to know RED a little better! Check out the Q&A Below!

Yours in Camping,


RedMeet Red – Camp Conowingo Camp Director

Were you a Girl Scout: Yes, I was a girl scout at a very young age, from 5-10

Do you have any special certifications? I am ropes certified, a waterfront lifeguard, and canoe certified

Where did the nickname Red came from?  From a very young age until college I played softball and would always wear a pair of red sunglasses.  When it came time to pick a camp name I really struggled, but one day my mom suggested I should just be called Red since I always have a pair of red sunglasses on my face.

What do you enjoy most about the outdoors? I enjoy the peace of mind and relaxation the outdoors bring.  When you step out of your cabin in the morning and can take a deep breath of fresh air, it makes the day so much better.

Have you ever been a camp counselor? I was a unit counselor and a unit leader before becoming the adventure director and later assistant camp director at Camp May Flather for Girl Scouts of the Nations Capital.

What things are you looking forward to about camp this summer? This summer I’m looking forward to returning and seeing the growth in all the campers and staff.  Camp is a magical place that allows girls of all ages to be who they are not who society wants them to be, and I love seeing girls realize their potential in the middle of the woods with no cell phones, no electricity just each other.

What should girls know about Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Summer Camp? I think girls should know that there is something for everyone at camp.  From bead jewelry to archery and everything in between there is always a fun activity going on at camp.

What should parents know about Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Summer Camp? I think parents should know how excited the staff is to work with each and everyone of their campers.  Time and time again when you ask a staff member what their favorite part of camp was they will always tell you the campers.  I want parents to know that our staff take extraordinary care of their campers while they are at camp, and want to make sure they are having the best summer of their lives.

Now, what we all REALLY want to know…

What is your:

·         Favorite Camp Activity ? Without a doubt, the high ropes course.

·         Favorite Camp Meal? Chicken nuggets, mac-n-cheese, and a vegetable.

·         Favorite Camp Song? Auntie Monica

·         Favorite All-Camp? Conoween

·         Favorite Camp Session? My favorite camp session last summer was probably superhero week.  I love when kids get to use their imaginations, and superhero week was perfect for that.  Watching all the girls come up with their own superhero, outfits, and powers was really cool.

·         Favorite Camp Memory from 2014? My favorite memory from 2014 is the slip-n-slide.  No matter what age you are from our brownies to our staff everyone enjoys the slip-n-slide.  The first time we pulled it out last summer was for our brownies and the amount we all laughed was enough for an entire summer, seeing the smiles on their faces makes the rather cold water all worth it.

·         Favorite Spot at Camp Conowingo? My favorite spot at Camp Conowingo is right where the road forks to either head down to the dining hall or up to the living units.  When I stand there activities are going on all around me and no matter which direction I turn I can see girls enjoying all that camp has to offer.

Leave some love for Red in the comments and let her know how excited we are to welcome her as our new Resident Camp Director for the summer!

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