Join the Travel Pathway!

The Travel Pathway provides the opportunity for Girl Scout Juniors and above, and their adult chaperones, to participate in international and domestic travel. Trips are customized to the meet the needs of those traveling. The Travel Pathway groups organize opportunities that help girls and groups raise funds, making the trips more available to ALL girls. You can connect with one of several already formed groups, or learn how to create our own.

Applications for Summer 2015 Destinations are due to GSCM by February 10, 2015. Download the application here.

Not convinced that the Travel Pathway is for you? Check out the Top 3 Reasons to Go on a Girl Scout Destination as told by GSUSA:

TO DO SOMETHING YOU NEVER THOUGHT YOU WOULD DO. Explore the sea on your first SCUBA dive. Master the technique of an astronaut simulator. Carry a canoe all on your own, with your new friends cheering you on. On Destinations trips, you get to try things you’ve always wanted to do—and do things you never imagined you would! There are so many different Destinations to explore that will offer the challenge you’ve been waiting for, whether it’s catching your first wave or producing your first film!


TO EXPERIENCE A NEW CULTURE. Girl Scouts really ARE global. We love to get out there and connect with new people, try new food, and take in new sights, sounds, and stories.  And Destinations trips offer you a chance to use all that Spanish, Mandarin, and German you’ve been learning in school, too! On trips to China, Peru, Germany, and more, you can immerse yourself in a new culture—and learn about yourself and your own culture in the process.


TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS FROM NEAR AND FAR! You’ll arrive at the airport as 17 different girls from different states and countries, but you’ll end your trip as lifelong members of the [insert your trip here!] Destinations Crew. Destinations trips are unique Girl Scout experiences because you travel with Girl Scouts from all over the US, and even with Girl Scouts from overseas. While you’re walking across Scotland, canoeing to Canada, or exploring Cape Town, you’ll also be making friends from places like Texas, Puerto Rico, and Guam. In short, the Destinations program is an awesome way to connect with your national and international Girl Scout sisters!


(P.S. You don’t have to currently be a Girl Scout to take part in Destinations—you can become one when you apply! And if you have a friend who is interested in Destinations, tell her she, too, can register for Girl Scouts and apply for a trip!)

Click here to visit GSUSA’s website for a full list of trips.

For more information about the Travel Pathway groups and destinations contact Allison Duvall, at

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