Paying it Forward – A Girl Scout Alumnae Story

Girl Scouts of Central Maryland’s Major Gift Officer, had the pleasure of meeting and having lunch with long-time Girl Scout, Kathy Carpenter, who now lives in Anne Arundel County. Recently, Kathy designated a memorial gift in honor of her former troop leader who Ms. Carpenter had kept in touch with throughout the years.

Kathy Carpenter

Kathy Carpenter

Kathy joined Girl Scouts in 1951 while living in the Hunting Ridge area of Baltimore. She was a Girl Scout for 8 years and her troop met in the Presbyterian Church on the corner of Winans Way and Edmondson Ave. Kathy’s childhood was not an easy one. Faced with many challenges and difficult situations growing up, Kathy attributes Girls Scouts with teaching her the skills she needed in order to persevere and thrive in a challenging environment. She shared that her troop was her family growing up and that it was the only source of stability and fellowship she had as a young girl.

Some of Kathy’s favorite memories as a Girl Scout were learning how to set goals for herself, learning to work together with other girls to achieve a common goal, developing a greater sense of self-reliance, learning to cook, and selling 200 boxes of cookies by going door-to-door. Back then the price for a box of cookies was only 50 cents!

Being a Girl Scout gave Kathy a special feeling of acceptance. She was able to feel fully engaged in her community by participating in various activities, such as making holiday favors for nursing homes, playing games with other Girl Scouts, and camping—where she developed her fond appreciation for flush toilets!

Girl Scouts’ impact on her life continued through Kathy’s adulthood. She credits Girl Scouts with giving her the ability to lead, as well as follow, and learning how to swim. Kathy recently became a Juliette Low Society member by including Girl Scouts of Central Maryland in her will. She felt that it was important to leave her legacy with Girl Scouts because the organization  played a big part in shaping her into the woman that she is today.

For more information on supporting Girl Scouts and/or joining the Juliette Low Society, contact Berit Killingstad at or call 410.358.9711 ext. 225

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