Thank You GSCM Volunteers!

In celebration of Volunteer Appreciation Month, we asked our staff at Girl Scouts of Central Maryland to nominate volunteers who are making a huge, positive impact in the lives of our Girl Scouts. While we can’t list all of the amazing volunteers who were mentioned, we wanted to highlight a few of our OUTSTANDING volunteers!

Ronnie KochRonnie Koch – GSCM volunteer for 20+ years

How do you feel you are making a difference in the lives of girls OR promoting the mission of the Council and Girl Scouting?

I feel that I am making a difference in the lives of girls by guiding them along their journey to achieve their goals.  The girls that earn their Gold Award are young women who will become leaders as adults and shape our world.  Girl Scouting helps future leaders to attain the skills to be successful.

Alex Dunbar – GSCM volunteer for  20 years Alex Dunbar

What do you hope girls (and others) will learn about Girl Scouting?

I hope girls learn how strong and capable they really are. I hope everyone learns that it is time to take down gender-based barriers. The best “man” for the job is just as likely to be a woman as it is to be a man!

Hema Varadhan – GSCM volunteer for 8 years Hema Varadhan

How do you feel you are making a difference in the lives of girls OR promoting the mission of the Council and Girl Scouting?

I have 8 girls who are very consistent from brownie level, they have completed their bronze awards, now working on their silver awards. I enjoy seeing their growth and their leadership skills.

Tiffany Soto – GSCM volunteer for 2 years The Four Seasons - Baltimore, MD

Why do you volunteer?

 As a child, Girl Scouts meant the world to me. I was a scout from Daisies on up. We lived in a fairly wealthy area of town, but my family didn’t have a lot of money, and neither did most of the girls in my troop. I always appreciated that Girl Scouts provided me with an opportunity to level the playing field. I always knew that if I worked hard and went door to door to sell cookies, I could earn the opportunity to participate in the same activities that everyone else could. Girl Scouts provided me with the means to set goals for myself and our troop, and the opportunity to work as hard as I wanted to, to earn what mattered to me. 

Tameca Harris-Jackson – GSCM volunteer for 1 year Tameca Harris Jackson

What do you like best about the Girl Scout program?

Its dedication to helping young girls to reach beyond and to be the best version of themselves possible. I also love that the Girl Scout program provides so many unique opportunities for girls to have a variety of experiences and exposes them to new adventures that helps to broaden their awareness of what exists and what’s possible. 

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