2015 Cookie Entrepreneur Breaks Cookie Sales Record

Girl Scout Cadette, Jenna D., was crowned as GSCM’s 2015 Cookie Entrepreneur for her outstanding cookie sales – 5,058 boxes – at the 500+ Club celebration on Saturday, February 28. Jenna’s cookie sales have set a new high in GSCM cookie sales history! We asked Jenna about her phenomenal cookie sale success, here is some of what she had to say:

CEO Violet Apple and Jenna D.

CEO Violet Apple and Jenna D.

How did you decide on your cookie sale goal?

I started with a small goal and each time I reached it, I set a higher goal and once I got close I decided I wanted to double what I sold last year.

How did you meet your goal?

Going door to door and doing lots of cookie booths.

What did you learn from selling Girl Scout Cookies?

I learned and used the five skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

Why do you like selling Girl Scout Cookies?

It helps discount trips for our troop, I learned a lot from it, and  it is a lot of fun!

What school activities are you involved with?

I am involved in soccer, volleyball, basketball, instrumental, and selling chocolate bars for our school.

*In addition, even with all of her activities, Jenna is consistently on her school’s Honor Roll. 

Other than your troop activities, are you involved in any other Girl Scout groups?

Yes, I am in Caitlin’s Outdoor Adventurers group, a GSCM Travel Pathway Group, the Girl Scout Lego group, and Girl Scout Chorus.

IMG_6948Click the photo to watch Violet Apple and Jenna D’s interview with Gigi Barnett for WJZ’s On Time Baltimore segment.

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