20 Ways to Tell Your Favorite Girl Scout Leader “Thanks!

GSUSA has designated April 22 as Girl Scout Leader’s Day. Whether it be on Girl Scout Leader’s Day, or any time throughout the year, it’s always important to say Thank You to our leaders and volunteers!

1. Send them this cool Thank You card.
2. Have a surprise party.
3. Create a troop memory book.
4. Make a booklet of thank you pictures.
5. Decorate the leader’s yard with signage saying “A Special Girl Scout Leader lives here!”
6. Give a plant.
7. Send flowers.
8. Write an appreciation letter to a newspaper.
9. Give a Girl Scout mug with some coffee or tea.
10. Plan a troop picnic.

11. Give a gift certificate.
12. Write a poem or song.
13. Make a “Thank You” video tape of all the girls.
14. Send a special delivery of balloons.
15. Call and say, “Thanks!”
16. Make a recipe book with contributions from all the girls and present to the leader.
17. Put on skit for the leader.
18. Plan the troop meeting for the leader.
19. Decorate a bag or t-shirt for the leader.
20. Get creative and come up with your own ideas.

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