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Have you ever thought about writing a really exciting short-story, mystery novel or page-turning best-seller? Two local Girl Scouts recently collaborated to create Taylor and Alan Adventure books. Their first book together is Twilight of Doom.  They have recently completed their second book, The Key. I talked with both Jackie Mae and her granddaughter Allison to get some insights on their love of writing and writing books.


Q. What was your previous career and how and when did you start writing?

Jackie Mae: I have been writing and journaling since middle school. With a degree from University Maryland University College (UMUC) I was able to secure a job as a government contractor for a good number of years. I have always wanted to write professionally and was inspired by my mother to make my dream a reality.

In Twilight of Doom, a Taylor and Alan Adventure, Taylor and her brother Alan are on vacation with their parents in Ocean City. Spending the evening walking on the boardwalk lands them at the House of Mirrors where things take a mysterious turn. Taylor and Alan must not only rely on their wits and each other, but they learn some valuable lessons along the way as well.

Q. Does Ocean City have any significance to you and/or your photo 1family?

Jackie Mae: Ocean City and Assateague Island were constant summertime destinations for my family growing up. I have fond memories of the sights, sounds, and smells, of all things Ocean City. My granddaughter is now building her memories there as well.

Q. How did your granddaughter become interested in writing and how did the two of you decide to become writing collaborators?

Jackie Mae: Having family conversations I found out how genuinely interested and serious my granddaughter was about becoming an author someday. She embraced the idea to collaborate on this project to my delight. Her perspective, uniquely hers, has taught me as much as I have taught her.

Q. Your granddaughter is a Girl Scout, was anyone else in your family a Girl Scout?

Jackie Mae: Yes. I was a Girl Scout as was my daughter and my mother. It is a family tradition.

Q. What do you and you and she enjoy most about writing together?

Jackie Mae: We share creative minds—we cooperate with and respect each other. From the beginning to the end—it is one big, fun, project for us both.

Q. What advice would you give women and girls about finding their niche or finding ways to creatively express themselves?

Regardless if you want to be a writer or not, keeping a diary or journaling weekly is a great way to express yourself—just have fun. Be open to try new things, have fun exploring your world.IMG_2871

The Taylor & Alan Adventures authors participated in the Read Across America Reading Tour at the State Capitol. You can find Jackie Mae’s books at Amazon.com and B&N.com, they are also at               Politics & Prose in Washington, D.C. and The Annapolis Bookstore.

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  1. If you come to the Big Outdoors Event on Sunday you will be able to meet them as they will be at a table just outside Peterson!

  2. I also wanted to share with your readers that we have recently been nominated for a Global eBook Award and have just received a glowing review from Midwest Book Review which will be detailed in their May publication. Being a part of Girl Scouts from a young age helped me see the importance to love myself and truly care about and help others.

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