Explore careers in STEAM at GSCM

STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Math + ART and it is everywhere!

IMG_9426Did you know that there is a lot of chemistry behind the different shades in your make-up color palate? Did you know that there are fashion designers working at NASA?

There are a number of STEAM careers that incorporate science or technology with art and design, like graphic designing, architecture, even engineering! Explore some of these exciting STEAM careers at Dream, Design, Do! Women in STEAM Festival on November 14th. NASA, Proctor & Gamble, Art with a Heart and the Society of Women Engineers are just some of the organizations that will be there with hands-on activities, giveaways, information and more—for girls and their parents! Attend this Maryland STEM Festival event, and enjoy a fun, female-fueled day of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Limited spots available, click here to register before November 1st! Email STEM@gscm.org for more information.

Learn more about the Chemistry of Make-Up on PBS.

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