Troop 21215 Celebrates Earth Day in April

Troop 21215 spent their meeting talking about and preparing for earth day!

They made flowered headbands, seed bombs, and bird feeders. The girls love their planet and are excited to see their projects and earth friendly habits help make it more beautiful and healthy!

 Seed Bomb 

Scrap paper
Wildflower Seeds
Elmer’s glue

Write what something that you love on the paper. Then, cut the paper into small pieces and mix it with the seeds (1 tsp. seeds per 10 sheets of paper) and a little water.  The consistency should be wet, but not soggy. Finally,  add a little bit of glue to hold the balls together and let dry.  Once dry, you can plant the seed bombs and watch your magic happen with mother nature’s help!


Our girls wrote what they loved about the Earth on the paper before cutting the paper into small pieces.

Troop 21215 is the GSCM placement troop designed for all girls on our waiting list. There are currently 387 girls waiting for troops to start, that’s 387 girls waiting for a volunteer to help them on their journey. We’d love to help you or someone you know become a troop leader. For more information please contact us at

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