Troop 4162 certifies in First Aid, AED, and CPR

Troop 4162’s scouts, including one Brownie, several Juniors and Cadettes, and one Senior, took a day out of their busy weekend in May to earn First Aid, AED, and CPR certifications. The girls enjoyed the hands-on practice and were thrilled with their new “grown-up” skills at the end. They appreciated the reminders to watch out for their own safety when they first arrived on scene. The course instructor was amazed at the scouts’ focus and quick learning, and even remarked to the troop leader, “They’re doing a lot better than my regular adult students!” When the instructor and leader first talked about the class for the girls, the instructor warned the leader that it was likely that some of the younger girls wouldn’t pass the final CPR test because younger kids sometimes don’t have the upper body strength to perform the chest compressions far enough to keep the heart going. The girls gave it their all, and everyone passed the tests, including the Brownie! The instructor said, “She’s SO strong!” Of course! She’s a Girl Scout! was the leader’s reply.

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