How One Girl Scout Went From Distinguished Women’s Shadow Girl to Intern at Johns Hopkins

A key aspect of the annual Distinguished Women’s Award Celebration is the Shadow Girl Program, that gives high school-age Girl Scouts the opportunity to serve as a one-day shadow mentee to a Distinguished Woman honoree. The experience is a rewarding one for both the Girl Scouts and the honorees.

At last year’s event, while sharing her mentoring experience with honoree Jody Berg, owner and CEO of Media Works, Ltd., Girl Scout Michaela mentioned her interest in pediatric medicine. Unbeknownst to Michaela, Catherine Boyne, Chief Administrative Officer Musculoskeletal Care Serviceline and Department of Orthopedics, at Johns Hopkins Medicine, was in attendance and was inspired to help move her closer to her dream.

According to Michaela, “When I gave my speech about the shadow day I included how I would like to be a pediatric surgeon when I get older…when all speeches were finishing up, [Catherine Boyne] gave me her card and said that I could shadow a pediatric surgeon.”

What originally began as a one-time shadowing opportunity, soon became a fall internship and has now grown into a year-long internship with the Orthopedic Department.

In her role, Michaela gets to do many things from getting patients and cleaning the rooms, to making sure everybody is comfortable; she even gets to observe surgeries!

She’s also learned some very important lessons along the way. “I’ve learned that there are many parts, not just the doctor, and that every part makes it all run. No one part is more important than the other–without all parts, things would not run smoothly.”

Not only has this opportunity confirmed what Michaela wants to do for her career, it has helped her focus in on a speciality and has even given her a glimpse into her future: “I still want to be a Pediatric Surgeon and I don’t think anything at this point will change my mind. I just have narrowed down what I want to specialize in–I want to be a pediatric Trauma surgeon.”

“I love every minute I am in the internship.” Michaela said. “This opportunity has allowed me to see what I am getting myself into in the future–What it is like for a doctor.”

We are so proud of Michaela and of all of the Girl Scouts that participate in the Distinguished Women’s Shadow Program. For your chance to shadow a 2017 Distinguished Women’s Honoree apply by December 31! Who knows where it might take you!

Click here to download the 2017 Shadow Girl application now!

For more information about the Distinguished Women’s Shadow Program click here.


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