Troop 2 Earns Bronze Award By Helping Protect the Eastern Bluebird

Back in January, the G.I.R.L.s of Troop 2 began discussing what they could do for their Bronze Award project that would have a lasting, positive effect on their community. After much thought, the girls decided that they wanted to help animals and got to work researching what could be done. That’s when they learned about the declining Eastern Bluebird population that was being caused by the building of housing developments.

Armed with this information, the Girl Scouts decided they would build and install nesting boxes to create a bluebird trail. Once they nailed down their idea, they presented their plan to their local homeowners association and received permission to gift up to 12 boxes to the common areas of the community.

Then the real work began.

On Saturday, April 15th, each girl brought their finished nesting box and worked in pairs to install them. During that process they learned to measure, use a level, and even use power tools with the help and supervision of their parents and leaders.

Throughout the project the girls learned the importance of community support as they recruited many volunteers and sponsors that helped them achieve their award. From bird experts including Bob Turner from Wild Birds Unlimited and Mary Murray from the Harford Bird Club, to volunteers willing to use the auger to dig their holes, Troop 2 was enthusiastically supported by much of their community.

Going forward the troop members look forward to maintaining the boxes recording nesting activity.

Way to take the lead in your community, Troop 2!

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  1. WBU Turner
    Feb 9 (5 days ago)
    to Troop
    Hi Ladies, this is Bob Turner from Wild Birds Unlimited. I’m sorry to say we are closing our store at the end of February.
    I have a variety of items that I would like to donate to the girls in the troop if they are interested. We will be here for a couple more weeks.

    Thanks Bob

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