Daisy Troop 4905 Makes The World A Better Place

For the energetic first graders of Girl Scout Troop 4905 in Odenton, Maryland, Earth Day weekend was a time for connecting with nature, giving back to the community, and demonstrating what amazing Daisies they have become. After two years attending troop meetings at the Odenton Regional Public Library, the Troop gathered there on April 23 to show their appreciation by planting a tree and butterfly garden, and completing their final Daisy petal, “Making the World a Better Place.”

The vision for the community service project grew over the course of several months as the Troop shared their ideas, coordinated with the library staff, surveyed the library grounds for a location, raised money through the Me2 online magazine fundraiser, and went on a field trip to learn about landscaping and to select supplies. With the friendly help and expert guidance from Evergreen Gene’s, a local gardening center, the Troop designed an 8’ x 15’ butterfly garden. After learning about the importance of native plants, the girls selected all things native to Maryland to help create a natural outdoor habitat for the birds and butterflies that may also visit the library! They planted a cherry tree, Black-eyed Susans, a dwarf butterfly bush, Shasta daisies, and more. As part of the project the Troop also picked up trash around the library grounds in a full effort to beautify the area, help the environment, and simply “Make the World a Better Place.”

As Troop 4905 prepares to bridge to Brownies this spring, the project provided a tremendous growth opportunity for the Girl Scouts to see their ideas come to fruition, have fun, and show off the culmination of skills and lessons they have learned during their Daisy experience. Troop 4905 hopes the garden will serve those in the community by adding to the library’s green footprint and providing a living exhibit to teach about native Maryland plants and pollinators.

Looking towards their future these Girl Scouts eagerly look forward to caring for the garden and watching it grow with them as they continue on their Girl Scout journey. To quote Dr. Suess’ The Lorax, “It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become.”

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