Girl Scout Provides “Fuzzy Comfort” to Anne Arundel Medical Center

To earn her Silver Award, Girl Scout Samantha of Troop 1367, made and donated 20 fleece knotted blankets to the Pediatric Unit at Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC), to offer comfort and take away the sterility of the hospital environment for children admitted for lengthy stays.

Samantha was inspired to do this project because she received a similar blanket following an unexpected hospital admittance in 2013. After multiple attempts to treat an infection caused by a dog bite, she was admitted to Howard County General Hospital for 4 days to receive IV antibiotics. The blanket she received made her feel happy and comforted during her stay. When the time came to select a Service Project, she remembered that experience, and decided to return the favor by making and donating blankets herself. Each blanket was tagged with a note reading:

“This blanket was made for YOU as part of a Girl Scout Silver Award Service Project. I hope it brings you comfort in your recovery. When I was younger, I was in your place and someone gave me a blanket like this. Maybe one day you can do a similar project to keep the love going!”

The colorful blankets were made in a variety of sizes so young children and teens could enjoy them. Upon delivery, the blankets (and some Girl Scout Cookies!) were all gratefully received.

This project taught Samantha many important skills, including budgeting, design and time management. She also learned how to make business calls and to speak to others about her project. She even learned to use social media for good when she used it to promote her project and request donations.

Thinking of others and working with them to improve their lives has been a very inspirational and enjoyable experience for Samantha. She’s already brainstorming for her Gold Award Service Project, and we can’t wait to hear all about it!

Samantha delivering fleece blankets and cookies to staff at the Anne Arundel Medical Center Pediatric Unit.

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