Girl Scout Cadette Finds Silver Lining in Lack of Cursive Education

When Girl Scout Abigail, a 12 year old, from Troop 86 learned that many younger girls did not know how to read or write cursive script she thought that was very strange.

After a bit of investigating she was shocked to discover that it is no longer taught in schools, even though many kids want to learn how to at least write their name in cursive. So, in true Girl Scout fashion, Abigail decided to take action and focus her Silver Award project on helping third grade girls to write and read in cursive script.

Abigail began by interviewing teachers at her school so she could be prepared and learn how to teach. She even took a webinar course called Handwriting Without Tears so that she would be well prepared. Once the interviews and webinar course were completed, she moved onto creating lesson plans. In total she came up with eleven lessons including: uppercase and lower case letters, loopy, lumpy, mix & match, rocking round, climb & slide letters and basic words. 

On the last day of the program, 14 girls received booklets containing their work from the program plus extra pages for them to practice for when the lessons where over. One of the pages had their name so they could practice. In the days and weeks following the program, some of the girls enthusiastically brought their books to Abigail to show their work.

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