Girl Scouts of Service Unit 97 Participate in Rope Runners Derby

Service Unit 97 had over 40 Girl Scouts from 8 different troops participate in a Rope Runners Derby! Girls were awarded prizes based on decorations of their Rope Runners and position in finishing head to head races. Girls also learned scientific principals about balance, center of gravity, air resistance and streamlining based on the races. Wooden, decorated racers were balanced on a clothesline race course. Troops participating included Troop 86, 500, 544, 697, 1093, 1693, 10029 and 10324.

Congratulations to the winners!

1st – Lacey, Troop 10029
2nd – Hailey,  Troop 10029
3rd – Kyrstin, Troop 500

1st – Jennie, Troop 544
2nd – Adrienna, Troop 10029
3rd – Catie, Troop 1693

1st – Addison, Troop 697
2nd – Riley, Troop 1693
3rd Abby Troop 10029

1st – Allison, Troop 10324
2nd – Veronica, Troop 86
3rd – Samantha, Troop 10324

1st – Rebecca, Troop 86
2nd – Sabrina, Troop 10324
3rd – Lizzy, Troop 10324

Parent/Leader Race
Lucy, Troop 697

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