G.I.R.L. Spotlight: Yeala’s Creations

If you’ve been to our Facebook page or our Website lately, you’ve probably seen Girl Scout Yeala blowing an epic bubble. For anyone that hasn’t seen it, STOP! Go to our Facebook RIGHT NOW and look at our cover photos!

For everyone else, here’s a look at the G.I.R.L. behind our Power of G.I.R.L. Renewal campaign…and, spoiler alert: bubbles aren’t the only beautiful creations she has up her sleeves.

Girl Scout Yeala is a teen artist who resides in Anne Arundel County Maryland with her parents and sister. She is a proud member of Cadette Troop 476. Yeala’s love for the arts was recognized very early on by her parents, other family members, and family friends.

Yeala is best known for her innovative work as an illustrator and graphic designer, and, being the go-getter that she is, she’s also experienced in animation, wheel throwing, and painting. When Yeala was 9, she began talking with her parents about college, and questioning what careers would be available for her as a professional artist. In 2011, with her parents and an entrepreneurial spirit on her side, she began printing her creations on t-shirts and greeting cards, and Yeala’s Creations, now Yeala G Studios, was born.

Yeala’s works are now available on a variety of products including tote bags, pendants, and coloring books. She has been commissioned to design family reunion logos, business logos, and family portraits. Yeala has won a number of art contests, including a t-shirt contest in which her design was worn by the entire Monarch Academy School Choir for the 2015 Six Flags Music in the Parks Festival.

Here are some samples of Yeala’s work:

See more of Yeala’s works at  www.instagram.com/yae.la

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