The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Girl Scouts: Christina Angel

Girl Scout Cookie Season is here! For most Girl Scouts, participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program is an opportunity to learn and sharpen their financial literacy and business skills. Our young Girl Scout entrepreneurs will utilize these skills for the rest of their lives. Throughout the coming weeks, we will share stories of some local successful businesswomen who are also Girl Scout alumnae, as well as profiles of local Girl Scouts who are cookie sellers extraordinaire.  You will see why Girl Scouts has been touted a key driver of workforce development for women for over a century.

Christina Angel
Marketing Executive with Fox45, The CW & MyTv Baltimore
UnknownBefore joining the Fox45 teams Christina was co-owner of woman-owned and operated business– a publicly traded company (stock symbol featured in Times Square NY). She has been featured in a variety of publications for her marketing and events expertise, including Good Day Maryland. She was also featured in Tech Magazine ‘To Tweet or Not To Tweet’ as one of the first businesses EVER to use social media to reach consumers directly. Christina holds a Bachelor of Science in marketing from University of Maryland University College and an A.A.C.C Business Management, A.A.S. 

  1. What of your Girl Scout experience is most memorable?
    One of the great things I remember about brownies was that my Aunt was my troop leader so that created a bond along with meeting young girls in my area and finding common interests.
  2. Do you believe you learned skills as a Girl Scout that have helped you succeed in college or the workplace? If yes, please describe.
    Yes, of course! I truly believe that being involved in Girl Scouts provides you with a sense of entrepreneurship at a very young age in addition to being a place to learn skills and grow socially.
  3. In retrospect, do you believe the girl-only space created in Girl Scouts was helpful or empowering to you?
    I do believe girl-only spaces are helpful and empowering. I believe that it allows us to have a safe common space without being put against one another which is done so frequently in society.
  4. Do you believe girl-only spaces created by all-girl organizations like Girl Scouts is important? Why or why not?
    Yes. Creating a girl –only space is very important because it allows young girls to build relationships and friendships without real-world deterrences.
  5. What do you believe are the most important skills or characteristics you gained from Girl Scouts?
    Would definitely be Girl Empowerment and creating entrepreneurs. I have been very driven since a young age and I will admit that Girls Scouts helped uncover and develop that skill. I was a top performer in sales for Girl Scouts along with school fundraisers, raising the most in my entire state at one point with Joe Corbi’s pizzas. Looking back, I believe that all started with Girl Scouts!
  6. Do you believe Girl Scouts is still relevant today? Why or why not?
    Yes, I know the Girl Scouts organization is relevant today. Although the times have changed much since I was a young girl, the young girls of today still need a place to be inspired and supported by not only adults but other girls their age. Girls Scouts help develop life skills that you won’t be taught in a school classroom and unfortunately not even at home. Without an organization like the Girl Scouts, our youth will not feel the support needed as they grow and learn to be individuals.

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