Girl Scout and Aspiring Lawyer Reflects on Day Spent with Partner at Saul Ewing


Likhitha was a Girl Scout Shadow to Michelle Lipkowitz, partner at Saul Ewing. Likhitha has dreams of becoming a lawyer; here are her highlights from her day with Ms. Lipkowitz.

Michelle Lipkowitz is a truly brilliant woman. She is the epitome of everything for which Girl Scout stands. Though she has many accolades, her best attribute is her passion to serve, which is what makes her a magnificent advocator. More importantly, she is intent on making the legal industry more equal and open to women. I have known for a very long time that I want to be a lawyer and this experience has only reaffirmed this belief. Shadowing her was everything I hoped for and more.

Our day started with lunch, which is when I realized that she was absolutely perfect for this honor because of her confidence, kindness, and dedication. After lunch, we had coffee with two other lawyers that Michelle is in a fellowship with. Hearing from these different types of lawyers, I have gained so much perspective on the livelihood of the career I want to pursue. Next, we went to court. Of course, not for anything we did. We actually got to sit in on a murder case, which was extremely enthralling on my part. We ended the day with a panel of legal professionals talking about the difficult issues currently facing women in the workforce.

On the day I shadowed Michelle, the University of Baltimore School of Law hosted a panel of lawyers, judges, and employers to talk about diversity in the workplace. I was ecstatic because part of the reason I wanted to shadow a Distinguished Woman was that I wanted to know how a woman could be successful in the modern workplace. They discussed the changing role of women in family life and the job market and how to achieve a balance that best fits the individual. Ranging from topics about salary to demeanor, Michelle and her colleagues discussed many issues women have to face when working in this job market. I learned some very important truths at this discussion about responsibility to self and community, but I also learned that there are still many disparities that occur at an almost subconscious level for women and minorities.

Each year five Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts are chosen to be a Shadow Girl to one of the Distinguished Women Honorees.

Shadow Girls spend a day with an honoree for an up-close look at how she manages her time, staff and family/community responsibilities. It’s a unique one-on-one, hands-on experience from which you can learn from women who are some of the best of their chosen professions.

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