From Risk-Averse to Risk-Taker: Girl Scout Reflects on Shadow Experience with Howard Bank CEO


Girl Scout Roxine shadowed Howard Bank president and CEO, Mary Ann Scully. This is how she described her experience with Ms. Scully.

Three years ago I wanted to become a shadow mentee. In ninth grade I was not chosen and in tenth grade I missed the deadline, but I decided I was not going to allow this opportunity to pass me by.  I made sure I was on time with my essay and application and, that I was prepared for the interview. My shadow day experience was marvelous.

I learned that banking is all about risks and responsibilities; as Mary Ann Scully stated, “risk is all about growing.”  I was never a person who would allow myself to take risks. I was afraid of rejection, I was afraid to fail—I was afraid to take a risk.   So, I say to all, risk is all about growing to a higher level in whatever you do—how can we expect to grow if we don’t take risks?  Mary Ann Scully taught me it is okay to be a risk taker even if you’re not sure about the outcome. I thank her for all that she has taught me.

Each year five Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts are chosen to be a Shadow Girl to one of the Distinguished Women Honorees.

Shadow Girls spend a day with an honoree for an up-close look at how she manages her time, staff and family/community responsibilities. It’s a unique one-on-one, hands-on experience from which you can learn from women who are some of the best of their chosen professions.

Click here to apply today!

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