Girl Scout Learns What it Means to Be a Distinguished Woman During Time Spent with VP of Whiting-Turner

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Girl Scout Emily shadowed Karen L. Evans, Vice President, Whiting Turner. Here is what Emily gained from her experience with Karen Evans, a day that began by touring various construction sites around Baltimore City.

After lunch we headed back to her office where she brought together a panel of women from various job positions. In talking with them I learned more about the detailed jobs that go into a construction company and that there is more to a job than working 9-5. We discussed a lot about my college career, my Gold Award, and more importantly, what being a Girl Scout means. More importantly, I learned what it means to be a distinguished woman. It means to not only be successful, but to be respected.

Want to know more about her day? You can read her whole Distinguished Women’s Award Celebration speech here.

Each year five Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts are chosen to be a Shadow Girl to one of the Distinguished Women Honorees.

Shadow Girls spend a day with an honoree for an up-close look at how she manages her time, staff and family/community responsibilities. It’s a unique one-on-one, hands-on experience from which you can learn from women who are some of the best of their chosen professions.

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