Troop 26 Gives Camp Whippoorwill’s Big House a Big-time Makeover


Recently 19 go-getting, innovating, risk-taking Girl Scouts took the lead on a major renovation at Camp Whippoorwill, showing their true G.I.R.L. spirit!

After holding their weekly meetings at Camp Whippoorwill’s Big House for the past eight years, the girls of Troop 26 decided that for their Silver Award, they would to set their sights on six areas of the Big House that needed some big-time upgrades, and they needed to get it all done before one of their troop members moved away.

In one month, over 70 hours of work, and even a couple of late nights, they accomplished their goal and then some.

Throughout the process, the girls took on projects like removing flooring and walls, patching and painting walls, hanging wallpaper and artwork installation, assembling bookcases and benches, and laying out furniture. Troop members and volunteers also made and installed curtains, custom trefoil-shaped tie backs and redesigned the bathrooms.  Within their allotted timeframe they not only completed the six areas originally chosen, but two additional spaces had been updated as well. And, because they are G.I.R.L.s, they plan to renovate three additional areas by the end of the year.

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We can’t thank Troop 29 enough for what they have done for Camp Whippoorwill! You all are helping to provide a place where girls can explore nature and the outdoors, and become Go-Getters, Innovators, Risk-Takers, and Leaders.

We’d also like to thank everyone that helped them complete their project and earn their Silver Award including their Troop leaders, parents, guardians, volunteers, and everyone that participated in their car wash and bake. The girls received monetary, supply and labor donations from the following: C&R Electric, Andonian’s Carpet, Home Depot of Pasadena, Home Depot of Glen Burnie, Lowes of Elkridge, ACE Hardware of Pasadena, ACE Hardware of Glen Burnie, Ikea, Clements Hardware of Severna Park, Sherwin Williams of Severna Park, GMC Contractors, and over 27 individuals.

Troop 26 at their Silver Award Ceremony. Front Row from left to right: Kayla M., Jessica L., Gabrielle C., Allison T., Skyler P., Madison M., Caitlin B., Sarah R., Jessica W., Mackenzie M. 
Back Row from left to right: Taylor P., Jocelyn G., Samantha G., Kennedy P., Isabelle S., Noelle B., Autumn C., Maryssa B., Kyela J.



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  1. Fantastic job girls. I stayed out three with my British Girl Scout (Girl Guide) troop in 2010. We are thinking of coming back in 2019. Would love to meet you all. If you wanted to come to Edinburgh, we’d love to see you. Meeting the then local Girl Scouts added so much to our trip as you can see from our blog

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